CEC Staff

The CEC is proud to have a dedicated professional staff with a long-term commitment to children and families. All staff are CPR and First Aid certified. The staff attends many workshops and seminars throughout the year in an ongoing effort toward continued education and professional growth. Thank you for the opportunity to love and care for your children.



Kathy Sinopoli, Director

Jackie Gehsmann, Business Manager

Terri Mills, Floater

Leslie Martorano, Floater


Susie Watkins, Crib Room

Sharon McKinney, Crib Room

Beth Cauble, Crib Room

Michelle Chipi, Cruisers

Sarah Pearson, Cruisers

Carol Bickley, Cruisers

Anette Schmidt, Toddlers

Marybeth Bedrosian, Toddlers

Kelly Winborn, Toddlers

Holly Ballenger, Tykes

Valerie Johnson, Tykes

Meggan Reagan, Tykes


Lisa Carwile, MWF 2's & T/Th 2's

Angie Broughton, MWF & T/Th 2's

Celeste Lackey, MWF 2's

Michelle Lee, MWF 2's

Melissa Cavanaugh, T/Th & W/F 2's

Laney Elmore, T/Th & W/F 2's



Stephanie Briggs, MWF 3's

Gina Leonard, Flex 3's

Debbie Mapel, M/T/Th 3's

Leslie Martorano, M/T/Th 3's

Mary Jo McGraw, MWF 3's 

Laurie Tarnowsky, Flex 3's


Susan Beal, M-Th 4's

Lori Gray, Flex 4's

Lou Ledbetter, M-Th 4's

Laura Schauer, Older 4's/Pre-K

Sallie Bett Theall, Older 4's/Pre-K

Amber Yarborough, Flex 4's