The Childhood Enrichment Center is a developmentally appropriate learning center in a Christian atmosphere.

We're committed to the highest education standards, with focused attention on each child trusted to our care, striving for the most engaging learning environment possible. Our children participate in field trips, monthly chapel time, music enrichment, creature teacher visits, movement classes, art appreciation, and much more. Our outstanding playground and well-kept grounds are ideal for outside activities, and the large gymnasium, chapel, and classrooms inside provide a complete educational experience for all ages.


Online Events Calendar
Create!  Art Class for 4's/5's

Create!  - Mondays after Preschool with Beth Stewart and Kathy Campbell.

Soccer Shots for 3's

Soccer Shots After-School Program for 3's.  


Dance for 3's & 4's

After-school Dance class with Cathy Vaughn - Tuesdays at 1:00.

Spanish for 3's & 4's

After-school Spanish with Alicia Shade - Tuesdays at 1:00.

New Wednesday/Friday 2's Class Opening in January 2019

Call the CEC Office for more information!

Little Pumkpins
Soccer Shots

After-school Soccer Shots for 3’s & 4s’/5’s. Click on title for a slideshow of photos.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

New Dance Class with Cathy Vaughn. Click on title for slideshow.

Little Artists

Busy artists in the “Create!” after-school Art class with Beth Stewart and Kathy Campbell. Click on the title for a slideshow of more artists!



Please remember to link or re-link your Harris-Teeter VIC Card to the CEC. Our number is 6284. You can do this at the check-out, next time you shop at Harris-Teeter, or you can bring your VIC number to the CEC office and we can do it for you. Thanks so much for your support!